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To Glenarden Housing Authority Residents:

The Glenarden Housing Authority (GHA) is committed to providing a safe and well-managed community. This purpose of the notice is to provide you with contact information for Routine Work Orders and Emergency Service.

Or your reference, provided below is a list of important phone numbers.

  1. Routine Work Order

To request a maintenance service during regular business hours, please call 301-772-0880.  All service requests generated during regular business hours will be addressed by the Glenarden Facility Maintenance Mechanic or Designee. 

To request an emergency maintenance service or after business hours, weekend or holidays, please call Carlos Romero at 301-832-6351.

Emergency Work Items

The following list is not all-inclusive, however it provides a guideline of the types of emergency service.  Emergencies will be acted upon immediately within 24 hours.

Fire, flood or any life threatening situations, call 911

Safety and Security – call Glenarden Police Department (301) 352-1200

                                      Routine Police Issues between 8:30am – 5:00 pm call (301) 772-3214

Gas Leak – call

GHA Facility Maintenance Mechanic is on call 24 hours at (301) 832-6351 for the following:

Non-Emergency Safety

Security alarm (possible break-in at Authority properties)

Missing or inoperative smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector

Occupied unit that cannot be secured



Loss of electrical power

Water and Sewage

Broken water lines, flooding, fixtures cannot cut water off

Main sewer line stop-up

Sewage backing up in or around unit


No heat when the outside air temperature is or expected to be below 60 degrees


Ruptured hot water tank

Structural Damage

Damage caused by moving objects (i.e., automobile, falling tree)

Collapse of structural components (ceiling, roof, porches, stairs, etc.)

Thank you for your cooperation

    Glenarden Management