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We do not provide emergency housing. However, we do have a Housing Resource List. You can access the list here on our website, or get a copy in the HHA lobby. The list has the names of shelters in the area, and other complexes that have emergency housing assistance based at the complex that may have a shorter wait list.


Aside from the Housing Resource List, we may also refer you to the Community Action Council (CAC), which may be able to help you find a shelter or another means of emergency housing.

When the Housing Choice Voucher wait list is open, there is a specific wait list for homeless individuals seeking HCV assistance (called the Homeless Waitlist) , and this list is much shorter than the general HCV wait list. If you are working with a homeless shelter and you come to GHA with verification that you are actively working with a shelter to find housing assistance, we will place you on the Homeless Waitlist.

Any change must be reported by filling out a Change Form. This form can be found on your Applicant or Resident Portal. To access the Applicant Portal, click here. To access the Resident Portal, click here.


If you would prefer to fill out a paper Change Form, you can do so by visiting the HHA lobby (35 W Baltimore St).


For Applicants:

An increased income will change the amount that your rent will be based on, and may determine whether you still qualify for housing assistance or not.

If your income increases to the point that it is over the guideline for your family size, we will notify you that you are ineligible for assistance because you are over the limit (you make too much income). However, the income limit is pretty high, so you may not need to worry. A small increase in income is unlikely to make you ineligible for public assistance. However, any change in income must still be reported.


For Residents:

A change in income will change the amount that your rent is based on. If your income increases, the amount of rent you are expected to pay will also increase. However, you will not have to pay the new rent amount until three months after your income increases. For example, if you started a job in September, your rent will not increase until December. This way you can have time to adjust your budget and get ready for your higher rent.


If we find out that you failed to report an increase in your income, we will go back and find out when you began working and calculate how long it was between the time your income increased and the time we were made aware of the increase. You will be charged for the increased rent you would have been paying had you reported the change when you should have.

Any change must be reported by filling out a Change Form. This form can be found on your Applicant or Resident Portal. To access the Applicant Portal, click here. To access the Resident Portal, click here.


If you would prefer to fill out a paper Change Form, you can do so by visiting the HHA lobby (35 W Baltimore St).


For Applicants:

A change in household size will change the size of housing unit that your household qualifies for. We need to know of any change in household size so that you can be placed on the correct waiting list. If you fail to report a change in household size and you are on a waiting list that you are no longer eligible for, you will be sent to the bottom of the list and must go through the waiting process again.

For example, if you are on the 3 bedroom unit waiting list but your child moves out and your family now only qualifies for a 2 bedroom unit, you will not be granted a 3 bedroom unit anyway, because it will need to be used for a larger family that needs all 3 bedrooms. You need to notify us of a household size change  as soon as possible so that we can move you on the correct list.


For Residents:

If your household size decreases (a family member passes away, moves out, etc.), you must fill out a Resident Interim Change form, as mentioned above. If the family member is moving away, you must provide us with an address so that we know where that family member is going.

If your household size increases (you have a baby, your child moves back in, etc.) there are two different processes you may have to go through. If the family member that you are adding is a child, you only need to fill out the Resident Interim Change form. If the family member that you are adding is 18 years of age or older, we will need to perform a background and criminal check for them. This new member must fill out an application as if they were applying for housing on their own, but we will make note that they are being added to an existing household, so that they will not be put on the same wait list. They will be put onto our Add-On List.


IMPORTANT: An adult family member cannot be living in the unit with you until we have completed the Add-On process. Until your family member signs the lease with HHA, they must not be living with you. If your family member lives with you before the Add-On process is complete, they will be considered a Live In and you and your entire household could get into trouble, resulting in an eviction.

For Residents:

Once you receive a notice of lease termination (eviction notice), you will have 30 days to move out.

Within the first 10 days of receiving your notice, you can request an informal conference with HHA to go over the reason for your eviction (click here to make a request). At this informal conference, you have the chance to resolve the termination with the informal hearing officer.

If you go through the informal conference, and the termination is not resolved, you have the right to a formal hearing (click here to request a hearing). At this formal hearing, you have the chance again to argue your case and attempt to resolve your termination. Remember, you must have an informal conference before you can request a formal hearing.

If you still do not agree with the decision made at the formal hearing, the next step is to take your case to court where a judge will hear your case and make a decision as to whether or not you should be evicted.


For Applicants who are notified of an application denial:

Applicants who receive an application denial are only entitled to an informal conference with HHA. You must request this informal conference within 10 days of receiving the notice. You can request a conference by clicking here. 

At the informal hearing, you can give all of your information to the hearing officer and explain your situation and argue as to why you should still be considered eligible for housing. The hearing officer will take your appeal to an Application Review Committee. The committee consists of 3 or 4 people from various departments within HHA who will get together to discuss your case and make a decision about whether or not you should be considered eligible or not. You will be notified of the decision within 10 days of the informal conference.

You are allowed one domestic cat, or one small domestic dog. Your pet must weigh less than 25 pounds, and be no taller than 20 inches from paw to shoulder.


You are also allowed to have fish or small birds.

You are not permitted to keep spiders, snakes, reptiles, or other exotic animals as pets.

These are the guidelines for pets. There are different exceptions for companion or service animals.


IMPORTANT: You MUST register both pets AND service animals with the housing authority. We have a Pet/Animal Application Packet that you must fill out in order for us to confirm that your animal is eligible. This packet is available on our website, or in our office on W. Baltimore St. The application requires some of the following things:

  •  Evidence that your animal is licensed with Washington County
  • Evidence that your animal is up to date with his/her rabies shots
  • Confirmation that a vet has seen your animal and determined that it is not viscous or aggressive
  • A full body colored picture of your pet

Click here to access the Pet/Animal page.

Once your Animal Application has been approved, you will receive a tag from the housing authority that you must wear on your pet so that HHA knows your pet is properly registered. Make sure your pet wears this tag so you do not get falsely reported as having an unregistered pet. Until the tag is on your pet, it is considered an unapproved pet.


  • For elderly/disabled housing: Pet deposit is $150
  • For family housing: Pet deposit is $300 plus a monthly $10 pet fee
  • For companion animals and service animals, there is no deposit or fee required.

GHA will investigate the claim, and you may receive a pet citation. Once you receive two pet citations, you will receive a lease termination notice.


If your animal is found to be a vicious or dangerous pet, you will be asked to remove your pet for the safety of all residents. If you do not remove your aggressive pet, you will receive a lease termination notice.

For Applicants:


Your housing situation will be dependent on whether you are working to become reunited with your children or not. If you are working to reunite with your children, we recommend that you get a letter stating that you are working to be reunited. We will take into consideration your children, the unit size that you would qualify for if they were living with you. However, we will not include the children in your household as dependents until they are living in the house with you.


For Residents:

You will need to notify us of the change in your household size so we can adjust your household in our records. This does not necessarily mean you would have to move to a smaller unit unless your children will definitely not be returning.

You cannot smoke within 25 feet of any window or door. This means absolutely no smoking inside. If you are a smoker, you must go outside and be away from all windows and doors in order to smoke.

If you are adding an adult, please contact your housing specialist for an add on application. If you are adding a child, please do so by contacting the office

Please note that decreases in income will change your rent for the month following the reported change. Increases in income will change your rent for the third month after the change happened.

When you get a bill from maintenance you have 10 days to request an informal hearing.

A live in aide must be approved by the housing supervisor. Please contact the mai office

There will be a 5% late charge after the fifth day of the month. There isn’t anything that you need to do but pay your rent as soon as possible.

Security Concerns regarding lease violations can be reported in several ways.  1. Call the main office at 301.772.0880 2. Send an email

You will need to contact your Housing Specialist to sign a new lease.  All adults 18 and older are required to sign the lease and other Housing documents.  Please be sure to provide school/work information of the child that just turned 18 to the Housing Specialist.