All residents are now able to submit maintenance requests online.
Please complete the required fields below to submit a maintenance request. Once submitted, maintenance will complete your request within a timely manner. We have also provided important maintenance numbers for your convenience. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office (301) 772-0880.

Maintenance Request Form
Please do not submit emergency maintenance online! Please call (301) 832-2176.
Please enter your unit number/address

Glenarden Housing Authority Residents:

The Glenarden Housing Authority (GHA) is committed to providing a safe and well-managed community. This purpose of the notice is to provide you with contact information for Routine Work Orders and Emergency Service.

For your reference, provided below is a list of important phone numbers.

  • Routine Work Order

To request a maintenance service during regular business hours,
please call (301) 772-0880 or complete the Maintenance Form above
All service requests generated during regular business hours will be addressed by the Glenarden Facility Maintenance Mechanic or Designee. 

  • Emergency Service/Afterhours Request

To request an emergency maintenance service or after business hours, weekend or holidays, please call Carlos Romero at (301) 832-6351.

Emergency Work Items

The following list is not all-inclusive; however, it provides a guideline of the types of emergency service. Emergencies will be acted upon immediately within 24 hours.

Fire, flood or any life-threatening situations,
call 911.

Safety and Security – call
Glenarden Police Department
(301) 352-1200

Routine Police Issues between
8:30am – 5:00 pm
call (301) 772-3214

Gas Leak – call 911

GHA Facility Maintenance Mechanic is on call 24 hours at (301) 832-6351 for the following:

Non-Emergency Safety

  • Security alarm (possible break-in at Authority properties)
  • Missing or inoperative smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector
  • Occupied unit that cannot be secured
  • Lockout


  • Loss of electrical power

Water & Sewage

  • Broken water lines, flooding, fixtures cannot cut water off
  • Main sewer line stop-up
  • Sewage backing up in or around unit


  • No heat when the outside air temperature is or expected to be below 60 degrees


  • Ruptured hot water tank

Structural Damage

  • Damage caused by moving objects (i.e., automobile, falling tree)
  • Collapse of structural components (ceiling, roof, porches, stairs, etc.)